Presidents of AMEA

President’s Letter


I am honored and excited to have been chosen as the next President of the Association of Machinery & Equipment Appraisers. I am very fortunate to have a very talented and knowledgeable slate of officers, appointees, directors and volunteers to work with.  I am confident that with this group we can continue to grow our membership and face any challenges ahead.

As with any successful association, we must offer our members benefits to assist in maintaining current business as well as in gaining new business. We will strive to increase the credibility of our association to make AMEA members “The Only Place To Go For A Machinery & Equipment Appraisal!” This credibility is gained through our everyday knowledge of being in the marketplace buying and selling, but as importantly it is strengthened through our continuing education requirements. Although some see continuing education as an inconvenience it is, in reality, what all lenders, financial institutions and manufacturers look for when hiring an appraiser. The AMEA not only makes this a painless process, but we also make it enjoyable by offering wide and varied ways to get your continuing education and accreditation. Not only can you gain your credits through interesting webinars and other ways from the comfort of your office, you can do it at the AMEA Appraisers’ Forum, Weekend With The Pros and The Annual MDNA Convention. Not only will you get credit at these events, you will do it while networking with other members, which is what our association is all about!

If you or a member of your company is not an AMEA appraiser, you need to be for all the reasons mentioned previously. When you decide to become a member, we will walk you through the application process and better yet, when you are voted in as a member you will be assigned a mentor from our board who will be a personal guide and advise you with your new membership.

To our current members…come get involved at the board level. We are always looking for new board members with new ideas.

I am very much looking forward to the next two years serving as AMEA President and hope to make it better for all of our current and future members.


Randall Koster, CEA

AMEA President


Past Presidents


1983-84 Norman Adler

1984-86 Daniel L. Lengyel

1986-88 Roland R. Grenier

1988-91 Fred Mervis

1991-93 Michael D. Rosen

1993-95 David N. Lang

1995-97 James Heppner, Jr.

1997-99 Ronald J. Koster, Sr.

1999-01 John Gabalis

2001-03 Richard H. Levy

2003-05 Nathan J. Arnold

2005-07 Randy R. Stevens

2007-09 John Greene

2009-11 R.F. “Casey” Mulqueen

2011-13 Charles Winternitz

2013-15 James Zvonar

2015-17 Jack Mendenhall

2017- Current President, Randall Koster