Member Benefits

RECOGNIZED PROFESSIONAL DESIGNATIONS – More and more lending institutions are asking for appraisals from certified and accredited appraisers. When the value of assets is needed for capital equipment many are asking specifically if the appraiser is AMEA certified.

TIMELY NEWS – AMEA publishes quarterly an AMEA Appraiser Newsletter. It highlights association activities, important updates on standards and specific information on capital equipment appraisals. In addition, the newsletter is distributed to banks and lending institutions, which keeps AMEA in front of potential clients.

CONTINUING EDUCATION OPPORTUNITIES – Whether it’s at the annual MDNA convention, a standalone AMEA seminar, USPAP, webinars or through the continuing education section of the web site’s back office, the AMEA strives to provide its members with a variety of educational opportunities to enhance their business.

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REFERRALS TO CLIENTS – Through our free referral service, the AMEA is able to gather specific information from potential clients and disseminate it to all members.

NETWORKING – The industry contacts made through membership in the AMEA will prove to be invaluable to those in the appraisal industry. By attending conventions, meetings, and seminars, members gain a wealth of education and contacts that enhance their resume and appraisal business.

DISCOUNTS – Members receive discounts on AMEA seminars, MDNA convention and trade shows.

In order to receive the professional designation as an AMEA Accredited or Certified Appraiser and to enjoy these membership benefits you must begin the process of gaining the experience and education needed to do the job. This means working in the used equipment sales industry for a minimum of 3 years learning the value of assets and the various methodology of selling them. This process never ends, you will constantly learn as the marketplace adapts to current conditions.